Coyote Scares The Crap Out Of Grizzly Cub, Mother Bear Comes To The Rescue

Coyote bear

Nature is just flat out amazing.

I know that animals interacting is an inevitable thing, but every time I see different species interacting I am amazed.

Coyotes only weigh around 30 pounds on average, whereas a grizzly sows can weigh up to 350 pounds. That’s a big difference even if it’s a small bear and a large coyote. It’s not the kind of battle a coyote wants to take on.

But, sometimes these animals get some courage when they are feeling hungry. It’s an only the strong survive world so they have to test their limits.

This curious coyote sneaks up on a grizzly cub grazing away in some alpine pasture.

When the bear notices the coyote only a few feet away it jumps and takes off running in a panic. You hear some noises and the distance as the cub gets scared.

Then here comes mama…

Bear mothers have to fight off males to keep their young alive, they are willing to do anything for those cubs.

The coyote sees the mother making her way to the scene and makes the good choice to high tail it out of there.

Smart coyote…

The things you can see when you’re out there in the wild.

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