Luke Fickell Gives Another Passionate Speech To Wisconsin Players After Loss To Washington State

Luke FIckell

It’s no secret that Wisconsin football fans were incredibly excited about the new Luke Fickell era, considering the success the new head coach had at his previous school, Cincinnati.

It appears that Fickell has breathed new life into the Badgers, and the culture in Madison in general.

However, everybody who knows anything about college football knows that it’s incredibly difficult to have immediate success for a new head coach, as they typically install a completely different coaching philosophy and play scheme.

With that being said, that reality smacked the Badgers across the face this past Saturday, after losing to the Washington State Cougars 31-22. The Badgers had to do all they could to get back into the ballgame, after going down 24-9 in the first half.

It’s easy to see that there’s still some growing pains the Badgers are going through early in the season.

But, if you think the loss is stopping Fickell from motivating his players, think again. Because the man knows how to motivate a team.

After the loss, Fickell turned the page and delivered this speech that’ll have you ready to run through a brick wall:

“Every year, every team has things. It’s just because it’s our first year together. It’s not because of that. It’s every year.

Each team has things they have to do and overcome, okay, to make them who they are. And who you are at the start of the year is not who you are at the end of the year.

It’s the process in between that makes us who we are. So, if we dwell upon what happened last week, we won’t find ways to continue to grow.

If we don’t recognize some things we need to do as individuals, as units and as a team, we won’t grow until something else happens and something else happens. Don’t let that happen.”


You can check out the full speech below:

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