McDonald’s Plans To Remove All Self-Serve Soda Machines From Their Restaurants By 2032

McDonalds soda
ABC News

All I’m going to say is that if they are going to remove all of the self serve soda machines by 2032, they better have all of their ice cream machines fixed by then too.

I’m usually a fan of really anything McDonald’s does, but this move by the “Golden Arches” is a step too far. First they got rid of snack wraps, then they priced everything that’s on the dollar menu higher than a dollar, and now they are taking away one of the best parts of the McDonald’s trip: the drink machine.

If you dined inside the fast food establishment, it was basically “all you can drink” as long as you still had your cup. Sure, you had to dish out a couple of bucks for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and fries, but you basically could get your money back if you chugged enough of their world famous Sprite (or Sweet Tea, to each their own).

But you better get all of that out of your system in the next few years, because by 2032, McDonald’s will have phased out all of their self-serve soda fountains. The fast food restaurant said in a statement that it was for “customer and crew member consistency,” when we all know that’s not the case.

They could have at least said something like “financial loss” or “hygienic concerns” and all of this would have gone over a lot better. Saying it’s to “enhance the McDonald’s experience” isn’t a great excuse, considering that most of us are just trying to get a Egg McMuffin at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and we aren’t worried about the “experience” as long as we get it.

As you might imagine, the McDonald’s faithful were pretty upset that the fast food chain was deciding to limit their soda consumption:

Hmm, that last person admitting that is probably just confirmation for McDonald’s that they made the right decision…

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