McDonald’s Employee Reveals They Use A Pound Of Sugar In Every Gallon Of Sweet Tea


Sweet tea is, without a doubt, one of the best beverages that’s ever been invented, and I won’t stand for any sort of sweet tea slander… and I certainly won’t sit for any either.

It’s truly hard to beat the mixture of tea leaves, water, and inordinate amounts of sugar, and one place that seems to do it just as good as anyone else is the fast food chain McDonald’s. Anytime you see those golden arches, you know that a huge-ass cup of sweet tea is well within reach for a reasonable price.

They aren’t the only fast food to provide the nectar of the God’s (sweet tea) to customers, but they certainly have become famous for it. It might not be my personal favorite, but it would still be up there on my list of go-to sweet tea providers.

Top 5 Fast Food Restaurant Sweet Teas? Sure, we’ve always got some time for a sweet tea power ranking.

5) Cook-Out (if you don’t have one near you, I feel sorry for you)

4) Bojangles

3) McDonald’s

2) Dunkin’ Donuts (believe it or not)

1) Chick-fil-A

Don’t get upset if you don’t agree because that’s my personal list. Yours could be very different from mine, though I hope you think some of my choices are respectable at the least.

Mickey D’s could very well be at your number one spot, and you might be wondering just how the house that Ronald McDonald built makes their sweet tea so scrumptious. Could there be a secret ingredient that makes their take on tea so addictive?

On the official website for McDonald’s, they list their Large Southern Style (hell yeah) Sweet Tea as being brewed in a “refreshing blend of orange pekoe and pekoe cut black tea” and that it is “sweetened to perfection.” It is also listed to have 210 calories, 52 grams of total carbs, 30 milligrams of sodium, and 49 grams of sugar.

Everything is okay in moderation, so though those nutritional facts might not scream “health conscious,” it’s okay to break down every now and again and grab a southern style sweet tea. However, based on this TikTok that is going viral all over social media, McDonald’s might be underselling the sugar content in their freshly brewed tea.

The video shows the tea maker dropping hot water into an industrial sized bucket while the employee pours and stirs an entire four pound bag of sugar into the mixture, and the caption for the clip states:

“If y’all were wondering why the sweet tea is so sweet at McDonalds’s…yes, we use a whole bag, sometimes 2.”

Holy smokes…there is no way they are dumping eight pounds of sugar into one batch of tea right? If so, it looks like we are all unknowingly drinking the equivalent of a large pack of Sour Patch Kids along with our Big Mac and fries.

Take a look at the shocking (and hopefully not true) TikTok below:

@gia2bad Yes we use a whole bag sometimess 2 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ #fyp ♬ original sound – DJ Veinz
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