Washington Police Officer Cusses Out Wildfire In Heart-Pounding Bodycam Footage: “Eat My F**king Fat Hairy A** Fire”

Bodycam footage Washington fire
Spokane County PD

You can’t judge a person by their worst moment, so the profanity that this officer uses as he literally drives through a wildfire should undoubtedly get a pass.

There are currently numerous wildfires burning out in Washington state and Oregon (it is “Fire Season”), with some being caused by lightning while the origin of others are still under investigation. This one in the video started burning in August and has continued to burn into September, and has caused some hellish circumstances, which this Spokane County officer found himself right in the middle of.

Body cam footage from last month of Deputy Brittan Morgan driving right through some of the most violent parts of the wildfire has been released, and man is it scary. That’s why the video itself is riddled with curse words, but I think they are honestly warranted in this kind of life-threatening situation.

The officer is following another cop car in front of him (driven by someone who I think is named Dave) as they drive through a road to help notify residents in the area to evacuate. Judging by the body cam video, and Morgan’s reaction as he drives along the hellscape, it seems like they were cutting the evacuation notices pretty close.

Morgan can be heard in the footage saying:

“Holy f**k man. You’re not getting me today motherf**ker. Eat my f**king fat hairy ass fire. Hurry the f**k up Dave! I don’t want to f**king die in this.”

I love that he went from trash talking the fire, rather vulgarly if I may add, to screaming that he doesn’t want to die in the wildfire. I’m guessing he was trying to hype himself up as he drove through the fire and flames (Guitar Hero pun intended) white-knuckling the steering wheel.

Once they get through the worst part of the fire and into a smoke-covered roadway, Morgan sighs in relief and states:

“Holy f**k, that was f**king hairy.”

I’m seeing a trend of “hairy” in this deputy’s vocabulary…

But like I said, you can’t judge or punish someone based on what they say when they are fearing for their life. That wouldn’t be fair to them, and you certainly wouldn’t want to be held against some of your worst moments either (and I bet you haven’t ever drove through a raging fire).

The video looks like something out of an apocalyptic movie and is captioned throughout saying:

“Deputy Brittan Morgan drove through flames to notify residents and help them evacuate. One person died in the fire and over 350 structures were destroyed. The fire was 88% contained on September 4th and burned over 10,000 acres.”

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