Praying Mantis Rips Off Hornet’s Legs Before Pinning It Down To Feast

Praying Mantis eats hornet
Wild Animal Planet

If praying mantis’ were just a big larger, we’d all be in for a world of hurt.

While there are over 2,400 species of mantis in the world, one thing they all have in common is a cold-blooded killer instinct.

Known primarily as ambush predators, these long legged, triangular headed insects can grab onto and rip apart just about anything even remotely its size, including (somewhat unbelievably) hummingbirds, snakes, and lizards.

Although this latest example of how terrifying they are features a much smaller creature, it’s by no means less impressive.

In this video, we see a mantis and hornet squared up for battle and right from the jump I though the hornet would get the better of this guy. Sure, it’s outsized and can’t walk around as easily, but it can fly and possesses a lethal stinger on its backside. But alas, yet again I was proven incorrect.

The mantis approaches the situation tactfully, careful to avoid the stinger while using it’s forelegs to grab a hold of the hornet’s legs and rip them them out one by one until the hornet is nothing but a buzzing bean.

It then pins the once formidable opponent against the wall and buries it’s teeth into its belly, sucking out it guts for a nice afternoon snack.

Truly impressive work and once again we are reminded just how incredible praying mantis’ are. I saw one on my porch the other day and was hoping to see some action like this, I’ll have to keep an eye out to see if it returns on a hunt.

All hail the praying mantis.

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