Praying Mantis Devours A Lizard Who Thought It Had An Easy Meal

Lizard mantis

These are the craziest bugs out there…

They look so frail but just absolutely dominate anything from humming birds to snakes and now we are seeing a lizard.

These insects are characterized by their long, slender bodies and distinctive triangular heads, which give them a somewhat alien appearance. Praying mantises have front legs that are modified into powerful grasping tools, that they use to catch and hold their prey. These arms are also covered in sharp spikes that help the mantis to maintain its grip.

Despite their relatively small size, praying mantises are predators that are capable of taking down much larger animals. They are known to prey on a wide range of insects, including grasshoppers, crickets, and even other mantises.

In some cases, they have been observed capturing and eating small vertebrates, like lizards and frogs or even birds.

Seeing these long fragile looking creatures in action is always a treat.

In this video, we see a lizard eyeing up a mantis, thinking it has an easy meal. When it goes to attack, the tables are quickly turned.

Their ability to hunt and feed is insane… check it out:

Even the likes of Joe Rogan took interest in these videos.

Him and fellow comedian Bill Bur were talking about how insane these insects were on his podcast.

Joe sums up this whole video perfectly:

“Look, he thinks he’s gonna get him, then he’s like ‘B*tch you ain’t getting’ nothing.’

He starts eating his mouth. Look at him, he’s like ‘f***, what did you do to my face?’ He’s in pain, he’s shaking it off and the praying mantis is like ‘B*tch, I’m not done with you yet.’

He’s in agony just spazzing around and the praying mantis just latches onto him again and slowly starts pulling him apart.”

Couldn’t have said it better. This is why he’s a professional commentator.

These praying mantises are one wild insect.

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