Randall King Releases Perfect Cover Of Alan Jackson’s “The One You’re Waiting On”

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What a perfect tip of the cap to Alan Jackson.

Randall King released a gorgeous cover of Alan’s “The One You’re Waiting On” today, which was included on Jackson’s 2015 Angels and Alcohol 20th studio album.

Randall says he was blown away from the first time he heard it, saying previously he always believed it should’ve been a #1 hit.

He stayed very true to the original production, and per the usual, his twangy, pure Texas vocals sound great:

“The first time I heard this song, I had it playing in my truck and was just blown away, pretty sure I missed a turn. The song is just incredible.

I have sung along to it so many times runnin’ down the highway. I have always loved it and you can hear my passion for this song reflected in my vocals. I’m beyond excited to have this one out there.”

Randall also announced the other day that he has a new album coming this fall, so it’s likely that this one will make the final cut once we get more details on an official title, release date, tracklist and all of that good stuff.

Do yourself a favor and check it out while your here:

Randall also released another new song called today called “Hard To Be Humble,” which was pitched to him by his friend and producer Jake Gear.

He says he almost missed it in the mess of his inbox, but immediately knew he had to cut it once he heard the demo:

“We were pitched ‘Hard To Be Humble’ by my buddy Jake Gear (produces Hailey Whitters), and the email had gotten lost in the mess of what my inbox is.

Two days before we went in to cut I just happened to be going back through my old emails and found this song sittin’ there, put it on, and went ‘Whoa… how was this song missed?!’

We cut this catchy fun love song and boy I got to tell ya, I’m sure glad I double checked my Gmail that day!”

A sweet little love song about how he has humility in pretty much every aspect of his life, Randall admits that when it comes to his lady, it’s pretty hard to stay humble because of how special she is.

It’s right in line with that honky tonk sound we’re used to hearing from him, and certainly makes a solid addition to his catalog.

Randall put out a few stand alone singles so far in 2023, including “When My Baby’s in Boots” and “Green Eyes Blue,” after releasing his major label debut album Shot Glass last year, and these two new songs have me super excited to hear what’s coming on his sophomore studio album later this year.

“Hard To Be Humble”

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