Randall King Says A New Album Is Coming This Fall, Featuring An Alan Jackson Cover

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Mackenzie Holmberg/@bonafidecowboy

Let’s GO.

Texas native Randall King announced that he has a new album on the way this fall, which will include a cover of Alan Jackson’s “Angels and Alcohol,” the title track to his 2015 record.

Randall shared the news over on Instagram, saying that the only cover on the record will be his rendition of one of his favorite Alan Jackson songs, adding that it sounds “absolutely beautiful”:

“One of the most underrated Alan Jackson songs of all time. Honestly, on an incredibly underrated record, as well, ‘Angels and Alcohol.’

The first time I heard that song and that record I was just blown away. That song should’ve been a #1 for Alan.

I’m glad we’re getting to put my spin on it and lookin’ forward to seeing what this song does. It sounds absolutely beautiful, and Alan, I hope we did you justice, brother.”

And it sounds like a new single is also dropping in just a few weeks on August 18th:

“New music comin Aug 18!”

Randall shared in a separate video that he eventually wants to put out a gospel and bluegrass record, which will likely feature quite a few covers, so we have that to look forward to, as well:

“It’s a full blown album, this is actually the only song that’s a cover on the whole record . It’s a full album comin’ out this fall.

Our goal is definitely to do a gospel record and a bluegrass record, and on both of those for sure we’ll do some covers, but that’s it.”

Randall put his major label debut album Shot Glass last year, and has released a few stand alone singles so far in 2023, including “When My Baby’s in Boots” and “Green Eyes Blue.”

He has a knack for penning honky tonk heaters and old fashioned barstool heartbreakers with a voice that is pure country and a sound that definitely has a 90’s country flair to it, so needless to say, I’m very much looking forward to this new project.

And I really can’t wait to hear Randall’s take on this one…

“When My Baby’s In Boots”

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