Randall King To Release Cover Of Alan Jackson’s “The One You’re Waiting On” Next Friday

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Courtesy of Randall King

I already know Randall King is going to nail this.

He just announced that he’s releasing a cover of Alan Jackson’s “The One You’re Waiting On” next Friday, which was included on Jackson’s 2015 Angels and Alcohol 20th studio album.

Randall shared the news in a post on Instagram, saying he thought it should’ve been a #1 hit from the first time he heard it, adding that he’s “humbled” to have gotten the opportunity to put his on spin on it and include it on his new album:

“The first time I heard this song I instantly thought it should’ve been a big ol #1 for Alan Jackson.

I’m beyond humbled to have gotten to record this and put my spin on it. It’s dropping next Friday. Pre-Save now at the link in my bio.”

Randall announced the other day that he has a new album coming this fall, after most recently releasing his major label debut album Shot Glass last year.

He’s put out a few stand alone singles so far in 2023, including “When My Baby’s in Boots” and “Green Eyes Blue,” though it remains to be seen if those will make the cut on the record or not.

Randall has such a knack for penning honky tonk heaters and old fashioned barstool heartbreakers with a voice that is pure country and a sound that definitely has a 90’s country flair to it, so needless to say, I’m very much looking forward to this new project.

And he’s totally right… this should’ve been a massive hit. It still is in my book:

“The One You’re Waiting On”

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