Zach Bryan To Donate All Profits From Upcoming Song “El Dorado” To Christian McCaffrey’s Veteran Foundation

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That ZB’s a good dude.

Zach Bryan excited country music fans when he announced that his highly anticipated new album, or albums, will be dropping sometime this month.

The “Something In the Orange” singer actually made it public that he had finished up recording the project(s) in Canada early in July, releasing a post and a short clip saying:

“ACTUALLY finished the record last night in Toronto of all places. Thank you to my friends for being the hardest working group of men I have ever met. NOW LETS GO QUEBEC, cannot wait to play tonight.”

And it now appears that Bryan is using his platform as a country music star to help out his former way of life.

It’s pretty well known that Zach got his start in music posting videos while he was still an active duty member of the U.S. Navy, which was actually always his goal in life since his parents and many others in his life served their country.

Though Bryan is making it “big time” as one of the industry’s fastest rising stars, he won’t ever be too big to help out and give to others, especially veterans and those still on active duty.

That’s why he decided that all the profit that comes from the song “El Dorado,” which will be featured in his new album, will be donated straight to helping veterans. He is partnering with NFL running back Christian McCaffrey’s foundation for the charitable endeavor, saying in his post:

“Every cent of profit made from the song El Dorado on the new album will be going to McCaffrey’s 22 and Troops foundation. Thank you for your service to every woman and man who struggles every single day, you’re seen and cared for and respected.”

Zach Bryan is an absolute class act. The 22 and Troops website explains the foundation as:

“Officially launching in May 2021 for Military Appreciation Month, 22 and Troops focuses on helping our U.S. Active-Duty Military, Veterans, and Frontline Workers overcome trauma and PTSD through the help from our partners at REBOOT Recovery.

Many veterans have returned home from war, but they’ve never truly come back. Together, we can address what happens when the uniform comes off and help finally bring them home.”

Always great to see this country’s heroes get the treatment and help that they deserve, and the 22 and Troops foundation is doing just that. Plus, with the loyal fanbase that Bryan has accumulated in his meteoric rise in country music, I’m sure they’ll happily support Bryan and the veteran foundation by buying up “El Dorado.”

It hasn’t been released yet, of course, but we do have a little bit of a sneak peek of the song that Bryan posted a while back. Take a listen:

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