Zach Bryan Confirms New Album Will Be Released In August

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(Insert silent scream of excitement.)

Zach Bryan has been keeping his fans on their toes, dangling the promise of new music being on the horizon. Well, the horizon is a lot closer than he made it appear.

The artist took to TikTok today, playing a clip of him strumming a guitar with the caption:

“Montana bound baby! Albums in August!”

@zachlanebryanMontana bound baby! Albums in August!♬ original sound – Zach Bryan

The song that Bryan sings in the video appears to be a new one, hopefully appearing on the album.

The short snippet of lyrics depicts a tale of a person wishing they could change the roots they came from. But, no matter what he does, he will always be “the Oklahoman son.”

Could the Oklahoma native be referring to himself in the song?

Regardless of the song’s meaning, the excitement in the comments is surrounding the album potentially titled Writers & Fighters. 

And there are also some strategic moves from Bryan picking and choosing what platforms to share this news on. He chose TikTok to insert that captions while sharing the same video to Instagram with a line from the song.

Clearly, he likes to let news slowly burn instead of putting gas on an already blazing fire.

There was also quite a bit of noise in the comments regarding the language he used of “albums” versus saying “album’s” or “album is.”

Does Zach mean we are getting multiple album releases in the same month, or was he meaning just simply the album is coming in August?




My guess is we’re just getting one and ZB wasn’t too concerned about the apostrophe, but anything is possible with the hardest working man in the business.

Buckle up, kids… I think this one is going to be killer.

Zach Bryan Says He Is Officially Done Recording His Next Album

An update on the anticipated  Zach Bryan album, initially titled, Writers & Fighters, but of course… much like the release date, that could change.

After taking to Instagram two weeks ago, announcing a new album was coming “soon” with ten track teasers, combined with the statement that the album is one of the most challenging things I have ever done,” Zach Bryan fans are eating up every update regarding new music being on the horizon.

Zach Bryan fans might ponder over Easter eggs he drops close to the same level as Swifties.

Well, folks… it seems like we might be right around the corner.

He shared on Twitter today:

“ACTUALLY finished the record last night in Toronto of all places.

Thank you to my friends for being the hardest-working group of men I have ever met.

NOW LET’S GO QUEBEC, cannot wait to play tonight.”

Given that Bryan said he is in his “quality over quantity era,” I feel this eleven-track album will be mindfully curated.

He has also been very upfront with fans on Twitter that this album might sound a little different than his previous music.

From his Instagram caption says:

“This one was for me; I do not care if you like it.”

To his most recent Tweet replying to a fan

“I’ll produce how I want; it is my record; if you don’t like it, that’s okay too.”

He has made it very clear he is also in his era of making music for himself.

Bryan skyrocketed into stardom with his distinct sound, but as he has settled into the limelight, he is adjusting his music to reflect his growth versus sticking to what the fans like.

It shows that he is more than a good vocalist and songwriter, but a true artist.

Regardless of the album’s sound, I’m sure it will be filled with tracks that we will soon be yelling the words to, as loud as we can.

The countdown ’til a release date announcement begins.

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