Amazon Delivery Driver Dives Into Customer’s Backyard Swimming Pool… Fully Clothed

Amazon driver

Everyone is trying to beat the heat this summer, and now it appears that delivery drivers are even getting in on the fun.

This video of an Amazon driver in Southern California diving headfirst into a backyard pool is going viral on social media, and making quite the splash with viewers. And it probably wouldn’t be all that important if it was this guy’s own pool that he was diving into, but that is not the case.

The actual homeowner of the Gardena, California house had security cameras set up around the house, and most importantly at the pool, which caught the whole hilarious situation unfold.

In the clip, you see the uniformed Amazon driver walking up to the home with a package while on his neighborhood route. He probably was given special instructions to leave the box on the back porch (“Porch Pirates” are the absolute worst), so he happily walked around to leave the package in the specified location.

Once he drops the box at the door, he uses his device to mark that it’s been delivered, and that’s when things get really interesting. The delivery person starts side eying the pool, then really starts full-on examining it as he begins to walk back towards his Amazon vehicle.

Apparently the homeowner left a note for the driver saying:

“If you want to go for a swim, you are welcome to.”

That was all the Amazon worker needed to hear, and he immediately takes the California homeowner up on the offer. The uniformed worker puts the device over on a table, as well as his phone, and climbs up onto the pool’s diving board.

Wasting no time at all, the man does an impressive dive (I give the form 8.9 out of 10) head first into the backyard pool, all while still in his full Amazon delivery driver uniform.

The original TikTok that was posted by the homeowner explained that when they left the note, they did not actually expect their delivery person to go through with the offer, saying:

“I didn’t expect him to do it UNTIL I checked the security footage… Bro let his intrusive thoughts win.”

Security footage from other cameras set up on the property then document the driver getting out of the pool and returning to his delivery vehicle, fully drenched from the dip in the pool, and then speeding away in his Amazon vehicle.

Weather reports from the day of the delivery driver’s dive show that it was only 76 degrees when he took a dip in the pool, so it wasn’t terribly hot, but still warm enough for the guy to dive right in.

Take a look:

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