Small Whale Escapes Hungry Seal In A Cloud Of Ink After Being Chased Into The Rocks

Seal chases whale

Sharks always get all the credit when it comes to discussing the ocean’s most vicious, but there’s really all kinds of killers in the “monster soup” we call the sea.

Like seals…

In this shocking video from South Africa, a small dwarf sperm whale apparently went into the wrong territory, and ended up paying the price for it. Closely following behind the small whale is a fur seal, biting at its tail and clearly trying to kill the whale.

You might see a picture or video of a seal and think “oh, how cute,” but after seeing this video though, you’ll instead make sure you never get close to one in the wild ever and respect them from here on out.

Fur seals are carnivorous, usually feeding on smaller fish, squids, and even some sea birds. They are often time hunted by sharks, which might play into this story as more and more sea creatures are seeking revenge nowadays.

The whale, for some reason, tries to find refuge on the rocky coast, which ended up being probably the worst move it could have made. With the fur seal in hot pursuit, the “cute but deadly” sea creature begins to bite down the back of the whale, causing it to thrash in the shallow water and spilling a mixture of blood and ink into the ocean.

According to the NOAA, dwarf sperm whales have an ink sac similar to an octopus:

“Each dwarf sperm whale has a sac filled with dark liquid in its intestine. The whale can release more than three gallons of dark, reddish-brown liquid—or ink—from this sac.

This liquid creates a dark cloud in the water to help protect the whales when they feel threatened or when they are trying to escape predators.”

It’s unreal how large the trail of red becomes as the fur seal gives the whale all it can handle.

We don’t know how the fight ends, but considering the portion of the battle that was documented that we did get to witness, I’d say the whale got away. We can see the whale take off to the left, whereas the seal goes right, but who knows if they circled back up again.

The reactions of all the people near the attack are pretty entertaining to watch too, and mirror how I reacted when I saw the seal attack for the very first time. I’m sure they are thankful that they decided not to take a dip in the crystal clear water that day.

Take a look:

Twitter users were shocked by the “oh how the tables have turned” moment between the seal and the whale, sending out replies like:

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