Pod Of Orcas Attack Sailboat Off The Coast Of Spain During Around-The-World Race

Orca attack
The Ocean Race

This is a once in a lifetime experience (well, maybe not lately) that you’d probably NEVER want to go through.

Video footage is going viral of a group of orca whales circling and attacking a race boat in the Strait of Gibraltar.

According to the Associated Press, it all went down yesterday during the annual Ocean Race.

Everything was going smooth for the Dutch Team JAJO, until multiple orcas began to circle their sailboat and then started ramming into it.

Team JAJO skipper Jelmer van Beek told the outlet:

“This was a scary moment. Three orcas came straight at us and started hitting the rudders. Impressive to see the orcas, beautiful animals, but also a dangerous moment for us as a team.”

A few of the crewmates tried banging on the ship’s hull in an effort to scare the massive creatures away when they began to bite the boat’s rudders.

van Beek continued:

“We took down the sails and slowed down the boat as quickly as possible, and luckily after a few attacks, they went away.”

Team JAJO was in second place of the VO65 class in the race when the wild scene took place.

The group dropped to fourth place because they were having to deal with the orcas, but they were eventually able to get back to second.

I mean, I think if you get second and fought off some killer whales you deserve to get first place, am I right?

The Ocean Race began in 1973, and is a six-month boat race that covers 32,000 miles through nine international cities. This year’s race started in Alicante, Spain in January, and will finish at the end of June in Genova, Italy.

Spain to Italy doesn’t exactly sound like “around the world” does it? Kidding… it stops in in Cape Town South Africa, Brazil and the United States before heading back towards Europe.

Pretty damn cool… you know, if you can dodge the whales…

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