Seven Years Ago You Could See Tyler Childers, Colter Wall, & Shane Smith & The Saints For $8 At Nashville’s The Exit/In

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I know what you’re all thinking… this article title seems like a fever dream.

Well, it’s not.

Exit/In is one of Nashville’s most historic music venues. The small black box theater faced a crisis last year due to a management change.

At one point, folks in Nashville were fearful that the historic venue would be closing its doors after being bought by boutique real estate management firm AJ Capital, but the new management vowed to keep the doors open and the music playing, and kept the historic location intact and operating as a venue.

I have spent many nights at the Exit/In (and being snuck in there to see my dad play), so I was heartbroken thinking about the venue ceasing to exist, but thankfully that didn’t happen. The club has a full calendar of shows and is still rocking out.

One thing that Exit/In is well known for is discovering the up-and-coming artists of tomorrow.

A bill that Exit/In had back in 2016 that is too good to be true seeing all together today was Tyler Childers, Colter Wall, and  Shane Smith & the Saints. All on the same stage during the same night.

Today, people would be willing to shell out big bucks to see a lineup like that. Back in 2016, you sneak in with some cheeseburger money.

$8 at the door to see phenomenal talent and gain bragging rights that you saw the trifecta before anyone knew who they were.

“See ya tomorrow, Nashville. Doors at 8, and our brother from the great white North, Colter Wall, kicks it off at 9.

We play at 9:30, then Shane Smith & the Saints will end the night. Best $8 you’re gonna spend that day.” 

Tyler Childers wrote in a post promoting the show.

Just two years later, Tyler Childers would sell out three nights at the Exit/In.

While tickets might not be $8 these days at the Exit/In, you can still support some incredible live music without spending an arm and a leg. Some of their upcoming shows include Kody West and Mike Ryan.

Tickets are cheap and the times are good at the Exit/In. Or, if you are a die-hard fan of the venue, you can get a tattoo of the logo and get into every show for free. You might want to fact-check with the new management if they will still honor it, but truth be told, my brother did it and has snuck his way into some sold-out shows with that ink.

To relive some phenomenal talent that has graced the stage over the years. Check out some of my favorites from today’s country stars.

49 Winchester’s “Damn Darlin'” live video was shot by my talented cousin. (Did I mention this venue holds a close place in the heart of our family?)

Elle King covering “Long Haired Country Boy.”

Parker McCollum’s “Misunderstood”

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