Freediver Ocean Ramsey Almost Gets Bitten By Tiger Shark On Boat Ladder In Hawaii

Tiger shark

Woah there big fella…

Like many people, I grew up always wanting to go to Hawaii.

The idea of island life, surfing, and fishing in one of the most gorgeous places on the face of the earth just has such an allure, but every now and then a video like this pops up and it makes me reconsider all of that.

Wildlife conservationist and free-diver Ocean Ramsey became known to the public for swimming unprotected with all species of sharks, including great whites, but got a bit of a surprise a few weeks back when stepping down the boat ladder to begin a dive.

As she was leaning down to jump in, she noticed a large tiger shark swimming directly at her.

While tiger sharks aren’t as feared as great whites, they are very aggressive and have racked up the second-most attacks on humans of any species. They grow to over 16 feet in length and tip the scales at up to 1,600 pounds.

While the video’s description said that this was not a shark attack, I may have to disagree. That thing was on a direct line for her foot. Had the flippers stayed in the water just a bit longer, this could have been a whole different video.

“Ocean reading an approach quickly and accurately knowing when to respectfully back up… the safety diver is always the first person in the water and the last person out and the one responsible for respectfully evaluating the sharks behavior before inviting others into the water… 

Murky water and a lot of bird activity and the little opelu fish trying to hide from hunting kawa kawa under the boat made this day extra exciting with both fish and sharks practically jumping out of the water… 

This is NOT a #sharkattack”

Ocean knew just what to do and got out quickly, leaving the group to watch in amazement as the tiger’s head burst through the water and up the boat’s ladder. Juan, the cameraman, can be heard saying…

“Right there, wow! Holy crap.”

Fortunately, all’s well that ends well and Ocean lived to spend another day raising awareness for shark populations.

What a close call…

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