Watch A Grizzly Bear Chase After A Herd Of Wild Horses In Canada

Horses running from grizzly bears in canada
Help Alberta Wildies Society

This is insane…

Last year, a network of trail cams set up in Central Alberta, Canada by Help Alberta Wildies Society captured one of the craziest videos I’ve ever seen.

The cameras were set up to monitor the remaining population of wild horses in Alberta, which is facing a serious decline from both natural causes and large predators.

And this video shows one of those large predators in action.

At first, you just see a herd of horses running down a path, which of course is impressive enough on its own. But then, trailing just behind the horses, is one of nature’s highest tier killing machines: the grizzly bear.

This grizzly bear isn’t just slowly walking behind the herd. It’s sprinting after them, seemingly hell-bent on catching one for dinner.

Grizzlies can hit a top running speed of 35 miles per hour, which is honestly almost unbelievable when considering they weigh in at around 900 pounds…

Horses can get up to 55 miles per hour for a much longer period of time, so I would assume these wild equine were able to get away this time, but it’s clear that they are serious targets for bears.

Never even thought about horses being preyed upon, but here we are.

Nature never fails to impress.

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