Aaron Rodgers Says He Seriously Considered The Vice Presidential Spot Offered By RFK Jr.

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It’s the NFL offseason, which means that while all the other quarterbacks are prepping for the next season to come, Aaron Rodgers is going on a strange podcast interview tour.

The New York Jets QB has been on a heck of a run since he went through a “mild cancellation” on ESPN (remember the Pat McAfee Show stuff?), all while he still recovers from a season-achilles tear that he suffered three snaps into his career as a Jet.

While we’re on the subject, some New York fans are nervous because the NFL stuck the Jets on Monday Night Football to open up their season yet again. “Gang Green” is certainly hoping that Aaron Rodgers’ second start as a Jet goes better than his first.

New York fans are probably upset that they got another debut Monday Night Football game, but in reality, they should be happy that they still even have Rodgers as their quarterback. He could have easily left the game of football behind to (*checks notes to make sure I have this right and I’m not dreaming*) potentially become the running mate alongside Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the upcoming presidential election.

Rodgers touched on that tough decision, which he ultimately declined, on The Tucker Carlson Show, which now airs on X (formerly Twitter). The former Fox News host asked Rodgers about the current state of politics, and the quarterback was happy to dive right in:

“There are just a lot of issues right now that seem really un-American. People are like, ‘How can Trump have so much support?’ People are fed up with it, and he speaks the rhetoric of taking back and making America great again.

My thing is, he had four years to do it and he didn’t drain the swamp. And whether he just got scared because of what he learned when he was in there, I think it’s very possible. But that’s why I was interested when Bobby came to me and said, ‘Would you think about being my running mate?’ I said, ‘Are you serious? I’m a f**king football player.'”

Hearing Aaron Rodgers give his thoughts on how Trump did during his presidency is great and all, but Tucker Carlson wanted to know if the Jets QB really considered leaving his football career to run alongside RFK Jr..

According to Rodgers, there was a time where he truly entertained the thought of potentially becoming the Vice President of the United States:

“Oh yeah, I thought about it. I definitely thought about it, because I love Bobby, and I just wanted to hear what he had to say about it.”

At the end of the day, RFK Jr. went with Nicole Shanahan, an attorney and Silicon Valley businesswoman as his running mate. It would have been wild for Aaron Rodgers to go from star NFL QB to VP, and though he said no to the offer, it appears that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is still a big supporter of Rodgers:

You can view Rodgers’ entire interview with Tucker Carlson below, and specifically hear the Vice President talk around the 30 minute mark:

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