Hunters Run Away After Accidentally Stumbling Upon Black Bear Hibernating In Its Den

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You never want to find yourself face to face with a black bear who is just coming out of hibernation.

But if you do, you want to try and get out of there as fast as possible.

Bears hibernate during the winter months when it is harder to find food and water. Though many might assume that the massive animals enter into a deep sleep and stay that way throughout hibernation, that is not the case.

Hibernation really only means that bears do not need to drink or eat for an extended period of time, and are rarely required to urinate and defecate, if they do at all. Bears typically try to never leave their den during the hibernation period, which is where these unlucky hunters had a too-close-for-comfort encounter.

These two individuals were wandering within a snowy wooded area and came up to a small opening in the ground. Curious as to what could be down there, one of the hunters takes their camera and lowers it into the hole.

Once the lens drops within the den, a resting black bear can be seen drowsily looking directly into the camera. It must have been dropped down at an interesting angle because it takes the hunter a couple of moments to recognize what is laying in the den.

They probably had to kind of lean over to see the screen of the camera, and when they did and saw that a hibernating black bear wasn’t too happy about being disturbed, the camera was quickly pulled out from the den.

The hunters panic and begin to quickly run in the opposite direction of the bear’s den. It is only in the manic reaction that the video reveals another orange-vested hunter is with the person who is holding the camera.

Unfortunately the video ends there, and we are left to imagine how the encounter actually ended. If it were a movie, the bear would have probably come out steaming mad and chased the hunters around the snowy forest.

Since its real life, the two people probably just ran away terrified, and the bear shrugged it off and went back to sleep.

Watch the heart-pounding black bear encounter below:

The caption for the video is fittingly (and simply) “No thanks,” and that’s pretty easy to agree with.

Some of the comments below the post got pretty creative and added a little bit of narrative to the video:

“Bear thinking ‘I didn’t order Uber eats.'”

“Cocaine bear all over again.”

“They accidentally became dead too, lol.”

We cannot confirm nor deny that last comment…

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