Killer Whale Lives Up To Its Name & Attacks Small Boat In Heart-Pounding Video

Killer whale

Should we really be surprised that a killer whale tried to kill someone?

Actually, yes.

Despite having the name killer whale, there is not a single case of an orca in the wild killing or even hunting humans. The whales are absolute apex predators and have been known to prey on whale species that are even bigger than them.

Killer whales can weigh up to 11 tons and grow to be over 30 feet in length, making them able to really pick and choose any food that they want.

With their size, it would not be a problem whatsoever to occasionally snack on a human or human-guided vessel, but they tend to keep to themselves when it comes to interacting with the human race.

Orcas are the only known predator of the great white shark, and when they aren’t chowing down on larger whales and great whites, they mostly have a diet of fish, seals, and sea birds.

However, you cannot convince me that this killer whale wasn’t “going in for the kill” in this terrifying video. It appears that two or three boaters are working their way through an icy body of water in a 10 foot (or so) long boat in the clip when the massive whale starts to attack.

Now some people are saying that this orca is simply “being playful,” but I don’t ever remember fearing for my life when I was “playing around” as a kid. The person videoing can be heard saying “it’s coming right towards us” just before the whale swims underneath the boat and scarily lifts it up into the air.

Though that part is frightening by itself, the rest of the video takes the “holy s**t” cake, because the killer whale turns on a dime and begins to chase down the moving vessel as those in the boat yell “go, go, go!” Seeing the sheer power of the sea creature as its fins rips through the water definitely gave me a small panic attack.

If just the video made me feel that way, I can’t imagine what these guys were going through as they tried to outrun this gargantuan orca whale in a boat that probably just barely qualifies to be called a boat.

It’s also pretty strange that the whale seemed to stop chasing down the boat when the camera finally got a good look at it. Maybe this whale knows that if its going to take down some humans and keep a “clean record” for the “whale brand,” there had to be no witnesses…

Watch the terrifying video below, which is captioned:

“There has been no recorded Killer Whale attack on humans in the Wild, only in captivity.

But this video may suggest they just may be really good at getting away with killing humans.”

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