J.J. Watt Pulls A Ryan Reynolds And Buys Minority Stake In European Soccer Team, Burnley

JJ Watt

The way he presented this has to be a reference at Tom Brady, right?

In J.J. Watt’s post on Twitter, the former football player states:

“I’m officially retiring from retirement. Kind of… just watch.”

That clarifying “kind of” was undoubtedly a shot at Tom Brady, who retired and then “un-retired” from his NFL playing career. I do like how Watt put it though, he is “retiring from retirement” and appears to be “pulling a Ryan Reynolds” with his latest move.

In the video, the 3-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year is sitting next to his standout National Women’s Soccer League wife Kealia Watt and announces this:

“Look, I’ve only been retired for about four month now, but I really need something to do.”

The clip then cuts to Watt holding a map and telling his wife:

“If we rent an RV, we can hit the entire Taylor Swift tour, just by driving.”

Kealia Watt shows off her acting chops and gives a “Jim from The Office” sarcastic look to the camera.

Watt continues:

“Anyways, I’m officially retiring from retirement.”

Kealia adds:


Watt picks back up saying:

“I just love football. No, no, not that kind.

You see, over in these islands here (pointing to the U.K.), they play football with their feet. Like her (Kealia Watt).

We are going to invest in European football.”

It appears that Watt and his wife are following in the footsteps of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who bought Wrexham F.C. in Wales and helped to rejuvenate the struggling club (and just recently helped them get promoted).

The person behind the camera even asks Watt if he is trying to be Ryan Reynolds, to which Watt shakes his head and says “no,” but his wife Kealia quickly states:

“Yes, please.”

After a winking Ryan Reynolds is shown on the screen, Watt explains the couples’ plan for their football investment:

“We don’t have ‘Buy an entire European Football Club’ kind of money. We’re more along the lines of minority investment, but massive emotional investment.

So America, allow us to introduce you to Burnley.

Welcome to the Premier League.”

The funny announcement video can be seen below:

Burnley F.C. is located in Burnley, United Kingdom and just recently won promotion to the Premiere League (highest English soccer league) thanks to their successful 2022-2023 season.

Burnley was bought by the American Investment firm Alk Capital for around $250 million dollars back in 2020.

With the addition of J.J. and Kealia Watt’s investment, Burnley now has some familiar sports faces attached to the European soccer (or football) team.

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