Watch Two Young Black Bears Wrestle In Lake Tahoe

Black bear tahoe

Spring is finally here, which means the bears that hunkered down for the winter are done hibernating and are ready to get after it.

We saw this guy doing summersaults at Yellowstone National Park just a few days ago and now we see two black bears honing their skills in Lake Tahoe, California after a very snowy winter.

Posted by TahoeToogee, an account focused on capturing video of the area’s wildlife, we see these two young bears getting ready for whatever nature may have in store for them.

They’re certainly not actually fighting each other and the description says they may even be siblings, but regardless, the power they display just going half speed is impressive.

“Well, how about “Friendly Fracas In The Forest”?

I’m guessing, but pretty sure, this is two young adult male black bear siblings.

They were moving together and spent 15 minutes wrestling in a rough but VERY playful way at this spot.”

Gotta love bears.

Whether they’re tearing apart a wild boar or rummaging through dumpsters, they never fail to capture the attention of any human close by.

Just can’t get too close by… Ddon’t want them using these fighting skills on you.

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