Man Scares The Crap Out Of A Black Bear Digging Through A Dumpster

black bear

Bears and some garbage, a love story as old as time.

These black bears are simple: If there’s food around, they will find it.

Black bears are one of the most recognizable and the most widely-distributed species of bear in North America. They are generally smaller than other species of bears, such as grizzly bears and polar bears. Mature adults typically weigh between 125 and 600 pounds, and can stand up to 6 feet tall when on their hind legs.

The massive creatures are omnivores, meaning that they eat both plant and animal matter. Their diet can vary depending on the season and their location, but typically includes nuts, berries, roots, insects, fish, and small mammals such as rodents. They have been known to raid human food sources, such as garbage cans and bird feeders, which can lead to conflicts with people.

They’re also opportunistic feeders, and will consume large quantities of food when it is available. They are capable of consuming up to 20,000 calories per day. During the fall, black bears will enter a period where they will consume large quantities of food in preparation for the winter hibernation period.

Black bears are generally shy and reclusive animals, but can become habituated to human presence if they are regularly exposed to human food sources. This can lead to conflicts with people, as bears may become aggressive in their attempts to obtain food.

This guy wasn’t worried about this bear though.

He is seen sneaking up to a garbage can where a black bear has its head down licking and eating every crumb it can find. Clearly on a mission, this bear has no idea this man is standing right next to him.

“Hey, buddy.”

The bear is up and out of the garbage can so quick you hardly see it happen.

This guy is lucky the bear didn’t come straight for him, but this is still hilarious. These bears get so caught up eating they forget their surroundings sometimes.

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