Mountain Lion Pounces On Deer Decoy In Wild Trail Cam Video

Mountain Lion decoy

Mountain lions have to be one of the coolest animals in America.

Sure, there are all kinds of insane creatures out there, but the majestic nature combined with ferocious killing ability puts these big cats right at the top.

While they are relatively rare (about 37,000 throughout the United States, according to Wildlife Informer), and very elusive, the species tends to be heavily concentrated in specific locations, especially in the western part of the country.

Even though their population isn’t that large, we do hear quite a few stories of crazy encounters people have with them, like this guy who saved his dog from an attack with a machete or this one who broke into an unsuspecting home in Washington.

Thanks to our friends over at MeatEater, we now get to see a mountain lion in action, or so the big cat thought…

While we don’t know exactly where this took place, a trail cam caught what happens when one of these cats does decide to strike. Fortunately for the victim, but to the cat’s chagrin, the target happened to be a decoy.

As funny as it is, it does still show the brutal realities of everyday life in nature.

It’s kill or be killed, and those who kill do it well…

Stay safe out there, folks.

Colorado Woman Wakes Up To Mountain Lion Mauling Deer Carcass

Move to Colorado, they said…

Nature is beautiful, they said…

Nature is beautiful and so is Colorado, but when you’re living in the wild… you gotta remember, you’re LIVING IN THE WILD.

According to the Journal, an Hermosa, Colorado, woman woke up in the middle of the night to feed her baby when she popped open the blinds, took a gaze out her window at the majestic Rocky Mountains, and saw a mountain lion ruthlessly dragging a deer across her yard by the throat.

Nature, huh?

And while the woman is used to living in mountain lion country she admitted that it was pretty shocking.

“I was very startled, for sure.”

Her husband said that the mountain lion dragged the carcass over a fence and more than 100 yards to a neighbor’s property, before chowing down over the course of the next few days.

After examining the property, the family could see the monster strides the mountain lion made during the attack, with some as far as 20 feet apart.

If you’ve seen the kind of shit a house cat can do with their little bodies, just imagine what one of these beasts can do. It’s equal parts awesome and terrifying.

The circle of life.

Accidentally Calling In Mountain Lions While Turkey Hunting

One of the most exciting parts of turkey hunting is the interactive nature of the experience.

The style of hunting needed to be successful and the timing of the spring season means that turkey hunters must proactively mimic the sounds of female turkeys in order to entice a big gobbler to come close enough for a shot.

Often times a direct conversation between an old dirty bird and a hunter mimicking a hen often unfold for hours in the woods.

Given that wild turkey are a popular prey species, that also means other animals in the woods have been known to use turkey vocalizations as part of their hunting strategies too.

Many turkey hunters have stories of predators like coyotes, foxes, and black bears being curious about their decoys or closely approaching the source of the sounds while hunting for their next meal.

While those predators pose a minimal legitimate threat to humans, a hungry mountain lion expecting a turkey dinner only to walk upon a person sitting on the ground is a far scarier scenario. If it’s 3 mountain lions that’s even more terrifying, but that’s just the situation that Janis Putelis from MeatEater recently experienced for himself.

He was able to catch 2 of the 3 big cats on camera and now has a crazy hunting story to remember for the rest of his life.

Mission accomplished.

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