Mountain Lion Breaks Into Washington Home, Gets Tranquilized, Passes Out In Kitchen Sink

A cat sleeping on a window sill

Suspect is on foot… all four of them.

A mountain lion in Washington state went viral after insane footage of the big cat fleeing from Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife authorities started generating a buzz late last week.

The footage was taken in the town of Ephrata, Washington, about halfway between Seattle and Spokane.

According to CBS News, the big cat gave wildlife officials quite a chase:

“Authorities in Ephrata, Washington, embarked on an unlikely pursuit on Tuesday when a cougar was spotted in a neighborhood.

When the cougar smashed through a screen door, wildlife officials tranquilized it, and carried it away after it fell unconscious in the kitchen sink.”

Authorities were attempting to tranquilize the cat, but it dodged their first efforts and escaped by jumping through a screen door.

Once inside of the home, a second tranquilizer hit the mark and the mountain lion passed out right there in the kitchen sink.

According to 4 News Now’s Kaitlin Knapp, the cougar was tagged and transported to a “more appropriate area” nearby where it will hopefully stay.

And I know we’re talking about a mountain lion here, but my mind couldn’t help but go to this scene from The Hangover:

Take it away Stu.

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