Man Whacks Mountain Lion With A Machete After It Attacks His Dog

Mountain lion attack

A mountain lion makes a bee line straight for your dog, what you doing?

Normally, I never really include a warning in a nature video since, well… nature is pretty brutal. A bear ripping a deer’s head off in a suburban Colorado backyard? Yeah, it’s a tough scene, but that’s the food chain. No sense in sugar coating it…

But this one… if you’re squeamish, you might want to look away.

Now, I don’t really have any context for what we’re looking at, other than some dude in a truck is filming a mountain lion somewhere in British Columbia, Canada.

The situation turns south in a hurry as the mountain lion puts the target on a nearby dog.

Roll the tape:

Needless to say the mountain lion pounces on a nearby camper’s dog, clamping down on the neck.

When it looks like it’s all over for the poor pup, the owner comes rushing into the scene with a damn machete and cuts that sucker down like a tree. After enough whacks to the top of the neck, the cougar lets go, and breathes its last breath. Unfortunately, it looks like the doggo might’ve taken a whack himself.

It looks like this outdoorsman has more than enough experience dealing with wild animals, but hell if that isn’t one of the wildest videos I’ve ever seen.

And as a dude that spends 15 hours a day on the internet (or more), I’ve seen some shit y’all…

But seriously, can we talk about how ballsy it was for the dog’s owner to swoop in and come at a mountain lion with a MACHETE?

We all say we’d do anything for our dogs, but imagine being in this guy’s shoes, staring death in the face.

A commenter on the video detailed that aftermath, and unfortunately, the pup died a few days later:

“This is a friend of mine and it happened near km 13 on Bear Creek Main near Vernon BC.

The guys in the truck were driving by and had just warned him about the cougar and when he looked to see it immediately attacked and he ran to grab his machete. The 3-legged lab was his girlfriends dog named Chopper, who unfortunately had to be put down due to massive injuries two days later.

Conservation officers the next day confirmed that the cougar was half starved and likely going to die because it’s mouth and paws had several porcupine quills festering.

There is quite often families in the area so this could of been much worse. FYI that’s his campsite machete he is hitting the cat with and he literally chopped it’s head off trying to save his beloved dog. RIP Chopper”

Wow… as I mentioned at the beginning of the blog, nature is pretty brutal.

It sounds like this mountain lion was already on its last leg, with infected porcupine wounds. Unable to effectively hunt, desperate for a meal, perhaps the mountain lion’s only shot at survival was a 3-legged dog that it happened to stumble upon.

And while taking a machete to the neck isn’t exactly a quick and easy death, this camper probably put this sick and starving mountain lion out of its misery. It just cost poor Chopper to do so.

RIP Chopper.

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