Black Bear Gets Whacked In The Nuts Messing With Water Tank

Bear water tank

That one hurts…

Black bears are some of the most curious creatures on the planet, always willing to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong and can look quite funny in the process.

We’ve seen them crash a pool party, take a selfie with a hiker, and even play the piano, but sometimes being nosy doesn’t end so well for the bear…

A video caught a black bear messing with a backyard water tank in Mendocino County, California, back in 2015 and paying the price for the damage he caused.

The bear was able to break a hose free from the tank by leaning up against the wooden fence and ripping it forward, but unfortunately, it whipped around and smacked him right in the nuts.

The bear immediately hit the deck and started writhing around in pain, doing what anyone would do in the situation: whatever makes things even slightly more bearable (no pun intended).

He did recover and keep munching on the tube, but man that’ll wake you up in the morning…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock