Curious Black Bear Walks Right Up To Girl To Snap The Perfect Selfie

Black bear people

What in the wild outdoors is this?

This would be a bit more than what you bargained for on your afternoon hike.

Black bears are one curious animal. Sometimes too curious for their own good. They love to sniff around and get food as easily as possible. They are also known to become very comfortable with the presence of humans.

Wherever there’s humans, there’s easy food. And once a bear discovers that, they will look through every garbage can they find and even break into a vehicle just to lick a wrapper left on the floor.

Bear encounters typically make a person on edge and will have you go into a state of pure focus, nothing else matters other than the bear standing in front of you. This woman must have ice water running through her veins though because she doesn’t seem to be the least bit concerned about it at all.

A black bear in Mexico walked right up to a woman that it was particularly fond of and began sniffing her all over. As the bear sniffs the women stays almost unbelievably calm.

The bear sniffs her right up to her head as it stands up on its hind legs. She even managed to snag a selfie with the bear as it stood over her shoulder.

The bear walks away but turns back and nibbles on her leg and takes a paw swipe at her while she stays just as calm as ever.

Staying calm in a situation like this is very important and was probably the right decision here. But that’s scary calm, my heart would have been beating right through my chest.

She’s a badass.

Bear Eats Elk Calf Alive

Nature is a cruel beast.

Often times the cutest and most vulnerable out there have very slim chances of surviving. Bears loves when it’s calving season. It’s the time when a good meal is easiest to catch.

Sure, they could run the risk of having to fight and elk or moose mother, but usually, it’s far easier to take down a calf than it is a full grown elk.

And then sometimes, like this case, they stumble upon a lone calf and have the easiest meal of them all.

An adult bear eats up to 30-pounds of food per day, might as well get it the easiest way possible to conserve energy for tomorrow when there’s no lone elk calf hangin’ in the grass.

A fair warning for this one… this is nature at its finest. If you don’t like the fact that these animals need to eat animals to survive, move along.

The video starts with a fair size black bear wondering around with its nose to the ground, hot on the trail of something. A bear’s sense of smell is so strong that it can smell something up to 20 miles away.

The bear finally comes up on a the elk calf laying in tall grass, make its move, and just starts throwing it around.

The poor calk can be heard crying for help as the bear goes to town on it, but not help is coming. Nature can be a wild place. It’s pretty amazing seeing these giant bears hunt regardless of how violent they may be. It’s nature in action.

The bear drags the elk all around hells half acre all while its holding on for dear life, still kicking. The poor thing had a long and violent ending to a short life. But that’s what needs to happen out there to keep things in order.

To end the insane video off properly, there is extremely clear footage of the bear laying down and eating the calf, picking it apart.

It might be a little gross, but its also pretty freakin’ awesome in its own right.

Grizzly Bear Sees Reflection In Mirror For The First Time

There are some days where you roll out of bed, about still half past drunk after staying up until 4 AM with some of your buddies.

You go to the bathroom to try and recollect yourself, and you look in the mirror, and you’re looking at yourself like you had just been through warfare…

Then you go straight back to bed.

THAT, my friends, is the Sunday Scaries.

That’s the thought that keeps reoccurring in my mind when I see this hilarious video of a bear seeing his reflection for the first time in a mirror out in the woods.

In the video, you see the big ol’ grizzly bear just sniffing for scent out in the wilderness, when it is shocked to see itself looking back at him or her.

The bear goes into complete panic mode, starts jumping around, and ends up ripping the mirror off the post.

Rough night, aye?

In all seriousness, this bear doesn’t know what it looks like (there’s usually no mirrors in the woods), and was probably just ready to go to war with whatever bear is encroaching on its territory.

When it tore mirror down though, it had to be thinking to itself:

“What kind of sorcery is this?”

Also reminds me of this drunk guy trying to fight himself:

But nevertheless, the internet won again with some hilarious comments:

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