Black Bear Cubs Go For A Dip In The Pool In Gatlinburg, Tennessee


That’s a bit more than they paid for a night at the Airbnb.

Black bears are the of the most commonly found species of bears in North America and they can be found in many parts of the United States, including Tennessee.

These large animals are known for their distinctive black fur and their omnivorous diet, which means they eat both plants and animals.

In terms of size, male black bears in Tennessee can grow to be quite large, weighing between 300 to 600 pounds and standing up to 6 feet tall on their hind legs. Female black bears are typically smaller, weighing between 150 to 300 pounds. Despite their large size, black bears are excellent climbers and swimmers, which allows them to access a variety of habitats and food sources.

As human populations continue to grow and expand into bear habitats, conflicts between bears and people are becoming more common. For example, black bears may raid bird feeders, dumpsters, or garbage cans in search of food and they may also come into close contact with humans while foraging for food in residential areas.

Bears are a curious and intelligent animal. As much of as it is a treat to watch them doing anything, it is important to watch for them if you know they are in the area.

This family had rented out an Airbnb in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, when they noticed they had to share their pool.

As they looked out the back window, three black bear cubs had overtaken the pool and were happily going for a dip to cool off.

The family was shocked about it and the mother has an all-time quote.

“Oh my god, they climbed the fence. And now these water puppies are like ‘I don’t know how to get out’.”

Water puppies is a new one for a black bear…

Either way, that’s the risk you run in bear country. This is some hilarious stuff.

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A beer bottle on a dock