Black Bear Breaks Into Colorado Home & Plays The Piano

Bear piano colorado

They call him the song bear of this generation.

Alright, enough with the dad jokes, but what typically happens when a massive black bear breaks into someone’s house?

They eat all the food, and tear up every piece of furniture they own after breaking the front door down.

But this black bear is the exception…

Back in 2017, Katie Hawley, a 21-year-old college student at the time, walked into her home in Vail, Colorado.

Although nothing appeared to be ruined when she first entered the home, she walked into the hall and kitchen to find it all in shambles, according to The Washington Post.

The bear had gotten into the refrigerator and freezer, emptying a bag of frozen strawberries and bananas, while also leaving its drool all over the floor in the hallway.

It had also turned over a box of flour, and drank pancake syrup along with a sack of chocolate bark, and got into the peanut butter.

Hawley called the police, and that’s when they realized that it was a bear that had gotten into the house.

She then looked at her security footage placed in the living room, only to find a crazy video of the black bear opening up the front door itself, looking around the living room, and also briefly playing the piano she had sitting in there.

The black bear got right up on the stool, and took it’s paws and played a few keys before climbing back down.

For some reason, this just feels like a deleted scene from the bust of a Disney movie, The Country Bears.

Check it out:

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