Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) Confirms There Will Be At Least Two More Seasons Of ‘Yellowstone’

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Thank the Lord, it looks like we still have at least two (and a half) more seasons of Yellowstone ahead of us.

Of course, the mid-season finale just aired at the beginning of this year, but fans were pretty upset to find out that the second half of Season 5 isn’t going to air until this summer.

So that part sucks, but in an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the Golden Globe Awards last night (where Kevin Costner finally took one home for Best Actor in a Drama for his leading role as John Dutton on the show), Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) confirmed that we have at least two more seasons to go after that finally airs:

“I can tell you there will be season 6 and there will be a 7th, that’s all I can say. That’s all I can tell you.”

He played it coy about any further details, though, saying he wants the ending and future plans for the show to be a surprise:

“No, I like to know with the fans. It will be a surprise.”

Cole also played it off when asked about a fan theory that another Dutton will die soon, not confirming or denying anything, saying:

“I’m not the man to ask, but listen, you never know. Taylor is one of those kinds of writers where you never know what’s coming. I love that about him.”

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan shared a similar sentiment that there will be two more seasons, but the end is in sight for him, and he’s not planning to keep it going forever:

“Well, I know how it ends. I’m writing to that ending. There’s only so much hovering one can do before the story starts to lose its locomotion; you can’t put it in neutral just because it’s successful.

It will go as many years as it takes for me to tell the story, but you’re not going to see nine seasons of it. No way.I know how the series ends, and you have to move in a straight line toward that end.

You can’t walk in circles, waiting to get there, because the show will stagnate. So, you have to keep moving forward, and there have to be consequences in the world, and there has to be an evolution toward a conclusion. Can that be another two seasons beyond this? It could.”

In addition to the mega hit show we all know and love, Taylor has tons of other fantastic projects going on, including 1923 and Tulsa King, with more to come within the Yellowstone universe, as well.

Regardless of what happens beyond the next two seasons, it doesn’t feel like any of that momentum is going to be slowing down anytime soon…

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