‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Go Behind The Scenes Of Episode 9 – “No Such Thing As Fair”

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Here we go…

Episode 9 of Season 4 of Yellowstone dropped yesterday, and we’re finally starting to bring this season to a close.

Some have argued that overall, Season 4 has been pretty slow, setting the table for 1883 and the new 6666s spinoff with Jimmy, rather than addressing the attacks of Season 3.

However, in Episode 9, titled “No Such Thing As Fair,” Taylor Sheridan shook things up BIG time.

We have another recap lined up for us and it kicks off with Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton) talking about the opening scene with the wolf, and how he wants to take it out because wolves have a tendency to mess with horses.

However, those on the Indian Reservation tell him to restrain himself, because the wolf appearance may be a sign.

Thomas Rainwater and Mo tell him to perform a ritual to see what the meaning of the wolf may be.

Grimes weighs in on the ritual, and what Mo tells him:

“Mo in his actual life is very much tied into the spiritual traditions of his people. He’s an invaluable asset because we know we’re doing it right, and we’re doing it respectfully.”

It then takes a turn to Jamie, and how John continues to get in the way of him.

Piper Perabo (Summer) then discusses how Summer is fitting in with John:

“Even though Summer and John are on different sides of the issues, they both agree that an airport shouldn’t be built next to Yellowstone National Park.”

Kevin Costner (John) then weighs in on the situation where Summer slapped a cop after Beth told her to:

“Beth thought in a way that she was gonna be able to use Summer a little bit, but it’s turned much more dramatic and she’s facing having her life altered forever.”

“He feels an obligation to try to fix that. Beth does not, and I think rightly so we have a conversation about that.”

Kelly Reilly (Beth) adds:

“So Beth fights dirty and of course her father doesn’t like that. So she comes up against him.”

Although John appreciates Beth constantly coming to bat for him, he is strongly against her using Summer to fight against their enemies.

Finn Little (Carter) then talks about getting acclimated to the Bunkhouse, and how even though the ranch hands continue to try to shock him about what it’s like living there, he’s unphased.

He also learns that he’s really good at cards, whooping everybody’s ass on the table.

Ryan Bingham (Walker) then walks up on Beth crying outside the Bunkhouse, and she asks him to console her with a sad song.

Walker agrees, and Kelly Reilly talks about how important that scene was for her, getting to let out that emotion when she couldn’t share it with Rip.

Check it out:

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