‘Yellowstone’ Finally Wins Major Award, As Kevin Costner Wins Best Actor In A Drama At The Golden Globes

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It’s no secret that Yellowstone has gotten snubbed several times in award ceremonies. In particular, last year’s Emmy Awards, where several insiders projected the show to win a number of awards.

However, the long wait is finally over, as Kevin Costner just wracked up a Best Actor in a Drama Golden Globe Award tonight for his role as John Dutton on the show.

He won the award over fellow nominees Jeff Bridges (The Old Man), Diego Luna (Andor), Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul), and Adam Scott (Severance).

Unfortunately, Costner was unable to attend the ceremony, due to blocked off roads due to severe flooding in California.

He made the announcement via Instagram, saying:

“Hi everyone, look I’m so sorry for everyone who might’ve been tuning in to watch the Golden Globes. Chris and I aren’t gonna be able to be there.

Yesterday we had to pull the kids out of school and in Santa Barbara, this is the second time in five years that the town, the freeways flooded out.

We found ourselves on the wrong side of the town and we couldn’t get back last night. We couldn’t even get back to the house.”

Although it’s tough luck that Costner couldn’t attend and be able to accept his award, it’s finally great to see the most popular TV show in America finally get the recognition they deserve from Hollywood.

And needless to say, the fans are excited too:

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