Tyler Childers Releases Holy Rollin’ Lyric Video For Jubilee Version Of New Song, “Way Of The Triune God”

Tyler CHilders country music
Emma Delevante

It feels like Christmas Day.

Why, you may ask?

Because Tyler Childers has finally released a full lyrical album for the first time in three years, titled Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven?

The album is split into three parts, the Jubilee, Hallelujah, and Joyful Noise versions, and boy, it’ll have you feelin’ the Spirit like you were sitting in the front pew of an old white church in eastern Kentucky.

One of the songs that has stirred a lot of buzz leading up to today’s release, is “Way of the Triune God,” which has quickly become a fan favorite at the few shows Childers has been playing here and there over the past year.

Although Childers was raised as a southern Baptist Christian, this song sounds like it’s referring to some good ol’ fashioned Pentecostal style church service, where the folks in the congregation are always “screamin’ and shoutin'” and talking in tongues as they get overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit, and the song itself will make even the most conservative of folks want to get up on their feet and dance.

With that being said, ol’ Timmy Childers released the lyric video to the Jubilee version (bringing the horns) of the song today as well, and it’s full of old school images and videos of people worshipping in their church.

Check it out:

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