Tyler Childers Breathes New Life Into Hank Williams’ Gospel Classic “The Old Country Church” On New Album, ‘Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven?’

Tyler Childers country music
Tyler Childers

Take ’em to church, Tyler.

Appalachian’s finest, Mr. Tyler Childers, FINALLY has a brand new record out today, the gospel album we’ve all been waiting for Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven?

He released one single (with three different versions) in the lead-up to release day,  “Angel Band,” and we’ve all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of today so we could hear the full tracklist.

Tyler technically only released eight new songs on this new project, with three different versions of each one, including the Hallelujah version, the Jubilee version, and the Joyful Noise version.

And of course, there’s a ton of great stuff to get into, but there was one tune in particular that I was really looking forward to hearing in the form of a studio cut.

A staple of his live shows for quite some time now (and churches across America for decades), Tyler’s three different renditions of Hank Williams’ old gospel classic “The Old Country Church” really hits home.

It brings back a lot of fond memories I have of growing in church and sitting in the pew on Sunday mornings with my family, and I have a feeling a lot of you will probably relate to that aspect of it as well, and even in terms of the album as whole.

It seems like the memories Tyler has of growing up in church in rural Appalachia himself was the driving inspiration for this project, and you cannot tell me his rich voice doesn’t sound absolutely perfect on any gospel song…

I think my initial favorite of the trifecta of “The Old Country Church ” covers is the Hallelujah Version, because it feels the most familiar and classic to hearing it with that opening organ on Sundays, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the three.

The day has finally come for new music from Tyler… enjoy it, y’all:

“Old Country Church (Hallelujah Version)”

“Old Country Church (Jubilee Version)”

“Old Country Church (Joyful Noise Version)”

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