Las Vegas Raiders Fan Lays Out Multiple People, Including A Woman, In Wild Fan Brawl At SoFi Stadium

raiders fan fight

This ain’t it, chief.

Yesterday, the Las Vegas Raiders’ comeback attempt against the Los Angeles Chargers fell short, as they ultimately lost the game 24-19.

There’s one thing for certain about Raiders fans, and it’s that they have one of the most passionate and blood thirsty fanbases in all of NFL football, regardless if the team is in Oakland or Las Vegas.

However, that passion can lead to some absolutely ridiculous moments like this between a few fans.

During the game at SoFi Stadium in LA (by the way, what is it with SoFi Stadium? Every time they open the doors they have people brawling), you can see a dude in a black shirt approach a bunch of Raiders fans.

Now there’s no telling what exactly started the fight, but at first, I’m kinda impressed with the guy in the black shirt, because he pretty much fends off three people by himself, landing some swift punches to the other Raiders fans.

It even looked like he knocked out one guy, brutally punching him in the face and sending him out like a light.

Except, things get really ugly quick when a woman enters the scene.

She appears to be trying to get the guy in the black shirt to stop, as it seems she’s with the other guys who got absolutely obliterated by him, but he only saw her as another obstacle in the way, and he lands some awful punches to her face, sending her to the ground as he continues to fight the other guys.

It’s unclear if any arrests were made at this moment.

LA Rams Fans Were Once Again Knocking People Out In The Stands Of SoFi Stadium

I’m telling you, SoFi might as well be a boxing club…

The 2021 season went down as the year of the brawl in the NFL, and the year of the Manning Curse as well, but that’s another story.

We saw Browns fans chucking knucks at a Muni Lot tailgate a couple weeks ago, we saw Cowboys fans fighting each other outside of SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, Rams fans going at each other (what is it with Los Angeles sports fans fighting?), an old fashioned slobberknocker in Kansas City, and even college kids at Memphis.

It’s been complete chaos…

We had a good old fashioned slugfest at SoFi Stadium, which has proven to be a hotbed for fan fights.

While the Titans were absolutely dragging the Rams up and down the field, two Rams fans were busy in the stands handing out knockouts like Canelo Álvarez.

The video opens up with a Titans fan taking a lickin’, as he’s dragged down the steps… HARD. We’re talking a face full of concrete. Next thing you know, the camera pans back to the Rams fan, and he has another Rams fan in his grip, decking him too.

And while that second victim was face down on the steps, the puncher’s partner in crime (literally) walks on top of his unconscious body towards the exits. Absolutely savage…

Here’s the thing though, unless you’re a celebrity and it was a gift from the team, why the hell would you get your own name on the back of a jersey. You’re not a player on the team, you look like a doofus, and all it does is let everybody know your last name.

So in situations like this, where you’re beating people unconscious and stepping on their heads, the police already have a headstart on tracking down Mr. Rivera and Mr. Linero.

Stay classy Los Angeles…


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