Cleveland Browns Fans Are In Mid-Season Form & It’s Only Week 2

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Looks like that ol’ “no alcohol” policy is working wonders out in Cleveland…

The Houston Texans made their way to Cleveland today for the Browns’ home opener at FirstEnergy Stadium. Of course, the big news ahead of the game was Cleveland PD reminding fans that alcohol is not allowed in Muni Lot, one of the most popular tailgate destinations for Browns fans.

Yeah, no alcohol allowed at the tailgate… isn’t that rich?

Anyways, the Browns slapped a 31-21 victory down on the Texans, the Browns are tied for first place (for now), and for maybe the first time in my lifetime, it’s actually good to be a Browns fan.

But, you wouldn’t know it if you looked in the parking lot…

We got two of the most unathletic dudes I’ve seen throwing hands at the Browns tailgate, but it didn’t just stop at two dorks trading pathetic punches, it went WAY off the rails.

Roll the tape:

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We got Carhartt and OBJ knuckling up near the porta-potties (appropriate for Cleveland) like a couple off drunk toddlers… with the coordination of drunk toddlers too.

After some of the saddest punches in the history of mankind, one man steps in to try and break it up, and for some reason, that didn’t go over well with the other bystanders, nor the guys who were involved with the original scrap… pretty much anybody in the general area.

A quick selfie from our joint-smoking camera man (the real MVP), and the next thing we know, a full blown slobberknocker breaks out. Hands flying, a table top grill is down for the count, dudes taking out tables, just an all-out brawl in Muni Lot.

Browns fans are in mid-season form and it’s only Week 2.

For real though…

But hey, at least it’s not Detroit

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A beer bottle on a dock