Cowboys Fans Brawling Into The Lake Proves That Even When They Win, They Lose

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After a year of not being able to watch live sports, it appears that sports fans have come back in 2021 more rowdy than ever.

From fans throwing sh*t at players at basketball games, running on the court, golf fans walking between the ropes and taking PGA golfers clubs, to football season, where there seems to be a new brawl in the stands or outside the stadium every week.

You gotta love the passion though, that’s what keeps it entertaining.

This past Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys had a thrilling win over the Los Angeles Chargers at their home field, putting the game on ice with a 56-yard field goal by kicker Greg Zuerlein.

It was an intense game, with both teams trading punches all game long.

And as a Cowboys fan myself, I’ll be the first to say, we’re some of the most blood thirsty fans in the NFL. Maybe it’s because we haven’t reached success in over 20 years, but whatever it is, we’re all a little rowdy.

Here we see some Cowboys fans going face to face with… each other. Ya know, because it wouldn’t be a Cowboys game without fans fighting each other. I mean, it’s par for the course.

Here’s a scene from last season:

Anyways, back to the present.

A lot of punches hitting air in this unathletic scrap, but ultimately, two fans got into it near the pond outside of the stadium, and next thing you know…

SPLASH. Both of ’em end up in the drink.

Tough scene…

And you know there were some parking lot shenanigans…

Bold strategy Cotton.

But hey, at least they weren’t this guy.

This Cowboys fan almost left the stadium in a body bag (way to capture the knockout you worthless excuse for a camera man).

Dammit, even on the days we win, we lose…

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A beer bottle on a dock