Twitter Has A Field Day After Urban Meyer & The Jacksonville Jaguars Upset The Buffalo Bills

Urban Meyer Jaguars

The curse is REAL.

I’ll admit than I’m generally not all that much of a superstitious person. So when the news started circulating this past week about the Manning Curse, I wasn’t in a hurry to buy into it.

Long story short: Every single active player that has appeared on Peyton and Eli’s Manning’s Monday Night Football “ManningCast” has gone on to lose the next week.

Brady, Gronk, Travis Kelce, Russ Wilson, Matt Stafford… all lost the next week.

But when Josh Allen made appearance last Monday, ain’t NOBODY thought the Buffalo Bills would fall to the Jacksonville Jaguars today…

They did…

The curse is definitely real.

And while there’s no way in hell I’m going on the ManningCast if I’m an active player, the even more hilarious part of this victory is the conversation around Jags head coach Urban Meyer.

Everybody knows that Urban found himself in a ton of hot water when he was seen grinding on some young college girl at his own Columbus-area bar.

The memes were hilarious, his apology was hilarious, and who could forget poor Tim Tebow… but that was back when the Jags couldn’t buy a win.

Now, fresh off a BIG win against the Bills… the memes are even better.

And Twitter went WILD with ’em:


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock