Woman Incites Fight Flashing The Crowd At Anaheim Supercross Event

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Alright, I’m not too familiar with the motocross/supercross world, but after seeing this video, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the rowdiest, most buckwild crowd on this planet.

Or at least it is down in Anaheim…

Fans were attending the Anaheim 1 Supercross event at the Los Angeles Angels baseball stadium, when one specific female at the event decided to flaunt the body a little bit…

And when I say “flaunt the body,” she straight up flashed every single fan that was sitting below her.

Of course, she was getting a rowdy applause from all my hammered drunk dudes out there.

However, another female fan didn’t take too kindly to it.

On the video posted to TikTok by the account @perfectlynormalvideos, you see one pissed of woman chewing out the woman who flashed the crowd.

Seriously, she wasn’t having it.

However, every dude in those stands were sure to step up to bat for the woman who was showing off the goods, telling the other to “get back to her seat” and leave her alone.

That’s when security got involved, and the pissed off woman got a face full of beer from a rogue beer cup.

She proceeded to charge the person who threw the beer, and that’s when the video cuts out.


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Wild times man, wild times…

Stadium Fights On The Rise

We’ve see enough stadium fights this year to last a lifetime…

We saw Browns fans chucking knucks at a Muni Lot tailgate a couple weeks ago, we saw Cowboys fans fighting each other outside of SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, Rams fans going at each other (what is it with Los Angeles sports fans fighting?), an old fashioned slobberknocker in Kansas City, and even college kids at Memphis.

And just this past Thursday, fans were brawling with concession workers at the Cowboys game against the Raiders.

But this… I ain’t never seen anything like this.

At Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena, home of the Las Vegas Golden Knights, a woman got into an altercation with an Edmonton Oilers fans, which eventually led to him spitting on the woman.

So… what did she do?

She pulled her damn prosthetic leg off and BEAT HIM with it.

That’s thing about hockey fans, you want to start shit, they’re gonna bring it. Man, woman, young, old, prosthetic leg or not… all bets are off.

Just an all-time great move right there.

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A beer bottle on a dock