Cowboys Fans Brawl With Concession Workers During Thanksgiving Raiders Game

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Cowboys taking Ls on and off the field.

It’s become par for the course to see fans scrapping at any sporting event these days, and Cowboys fans in particular have been the subject of many a Monday morning internet fight video… but this is the first time we’ve seen the stadium employees get involved.

On Thursday afternoon at AT&T Stadium, video surfaced of a concession worker hopping over the counter to throw hands with a Cowboys fan, not before slipping and falling flat on her face.

Tough scene…

Roll the tape:

The alternate angle:


It’s been rough go for the Cowboys lately, dropping 3 of 4 and losing to the Raiders on Thanksgiving… the fans are not taking it well.

Here’s another brawl from the concourse.

They were getting into it on the field too:

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A beer bottle on a dock