Jake Owen Shows Off His Brand New Ford Bronco And Holy Sh*t It’s Beautiful


The moment so many people have been waiting for is starting to happen.

Basically everyone with a pulse was beyond excited when Ford announced they were bringing back the iconic Bronco. The style of every model was gorgeous and Kip Moore even helped promote the launch with a short film called “Built Wild”.

Unfortunately, like most things, it’s release was delayed due to supply chain issues and other Covid related problems but we started seeing Bronco Sports (AKA the Mom version) on the road some months ago and just in the past month or so have started seeing the actual Broncos be delivered and I even saw one in the wild just last week.

But just today I saw what might be the best looking one yet…

Jake Owen posted a picture with his new Bronco and HOLY SHIT IT’S BEAUTIFUL.

Custom wheels, small lift, and the most gorgeous wrap job I’ve ever seen, it just gets the blood pumping.

He summed it up perfectly.

“Boys and their toys.”

Your damn right Jake. I’m sure a few people truly need a vehicle with the off-roading capabilities of a built-up Bronco, but most people want one just to hit a few light trails, some big puddles they’ll call “Mud pits” and look good picking up the groceries.

Guilty as charged, I’m that guy.

Time to start saving up…

Alexa, play “What We Ain’t Got”

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