Brian Kelly Learned The LSU Deal Was Done On Plane Back From Notre Dame Recruiting Trip To LA

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It really is wild how the college football world can change in the blink of an eye, especially nowadays.

Literally in the span of only two days (at least in the public’s knowledge), we received the news that Texas and Oklahoma would be leaving the Big-12 for the SEC, which completely came out of left field since the two teams are historically Big-12 football powerhouses.

Not to mention, players can leave their college literally overnight to transfer to a different school with the transfer portal.

And on top of that, we’ve seen one of the wildest two day stretches of a college football coaching carousel ever.

We saw Lincoln Riley abruptly leave Oklahoma for USC, when everybody thought he was a lock for the LSU job.

And out of pure desperation for a big name coach, LSU hired former Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly out of left field, ending with him saying sayonara to his team who is currently on the fringe of making the College Football Playoffs.

Most of the time, coachs don’t leave schools before the season officially ends. Especially coaches who have two solid football teams, like Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma, and Brian Kelly at Notre Dame.

It’s very rare, but sure enough we saw it happen in less than 48 hours.

Kelly joined the Dan Patrick Show this morning, and discussed the deal he made with LSU, and how it even caught him off guard.

Kelly was actually out recruiting for Notre Dame in Los Angeles, when he knew the whole time he was quietly working on a deal with LSU.

Sure enough, he explained that’s exactly how it went down, as he said he left the recruiting trip on a plane, and sealed the deal to become the next coach at LSU before he touched the ground.

He also talked about how it was only him and his lawyer on the plane, which meant he knew the deal was inevitable.

That being said, Kelly was adamant that will NOT be trying to take Notre Dame recruits down to Baton Rouge with him…. unlike Lincoln Riley.

He addressed the players, who found out on social media, in a 7AM meeting that lasted less than 4 minutes.


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