Brian Kelly Sends A Ridiculous Message To His Notre Dame Players, Calls A 7 AM Team Meeting, And Then Irish Exits To LSU

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Welp, we’re only two days into the work week, and the college football world has already flipped upside down.

Lincoln Riley abruptly left Oklahoma for the USC job, and the school has hired former head coach Bob Stoops as the interim coach, even though they parted ways on bad terms a few years back. Not to mention several blue chip recruits have already decommitted from the Sooners, and former Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback Spencer Rattler announced he was entering the transfer portal.

Yes, there was a lot of noise in Norman, Oklahoma, but perhaps the wildest hire that occurred over the past few days was LSU’s hiring of Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly.

Now, it has nothing to do with him not being a great football coach. Hell, the man has had success at every school he’s coached.

On paper, it’s a great coaching hire.

But the personality fit just doesn’t seem…quite right, as some would say he has the personality of a rock, and many are wondering how the stoic Kelly will do at a place with so much spice and flamboyancy as LSU…

Not to mention he’s replacing the most colorful coach the college football world has ever seen in Coach Ed Orgeron.

But maybe the wildest part of the story is just HOW Kelly handled his exit from the Fighting Irish.

Once word began to spread that Kelly would be taking the job at LSU, he sent an absolutely ridiculous message to the team apologizing for not telling them first, saying that his love for them was “limitless.”

At that point, you should probably just stop digging yourself into a deeper hole (and take your huge paycheck from LSU) and maybe just send the team a nice fruit basket or something.

But that’s not what Kelly did, because the truly bizarre part of his exit: He called a 7 AM meeting with the team this morning – in a week when his team doesn’t even have a game to prepare for.

And the kicker: The meeting lasted all of 10 minutes, and then Kelly was off the campus and headed to the airport to fly to Baton Rouge by 7:11.

(For reference, sunrise in South Bend was at 7:53 this morning).

That’s one hell of an Irish exit.

So let me see if I have this straight: Kelly didn’t tell his team that he was leaving until after they found out on Twitter, sent them a message at 10 PM breaking the news, and then hauled them out of bed before sunrise for a 10 minute meeting (that was no doubt heartfelt) to tell them he was bailing on them.

Talk about a meeting that should have been an email…

Well, I guess there was kind of an email too.

Why even get out of bed and go to that meeting?

But on the bright side, Kelly and his dry personality has led to some hilarious takes on social media.

Kick back, laugh and enjoy:

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