Texas And Oklahoma Joining The SEC Is Reportedly “Almost Done”

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Year in year out, there’s always some kind of buzz within the college football world about certain team’s strength of schedule, and how some schools have an easier route than the big bad SEC.

As a die hard Clemson fan, I hear this noise every year, as every time I tune into The Paul Finebaum Show, I hear some SEC fan say:

“But Clemson don’t play nobody Pawlllll.”

A lot of this noise, however, comes out of the Big-12, as many critics have deemed the conference the easiest Power Five conference of all.

I mean the proof is in the pudding, as every year Oklahoma plays in the College Football Playoff, they normally get a good ol’ fashioned ass whoopin’.

However, this stigma could change very, very soon, as both Oklahoma and Texas are working on a deal to get out of the Big-12, and into the SEC.

According to Austin American-Statesman sports columnist Kirk Bohls, a Big-12 source told him the schools have been working on a deal with the SEC for the past six-months now.

And the deal is almost done.

I can see why Oklahoma would want to make the move to the SEC, as they want a chance to officially prove themselves to the world that they can compete on the highest level.

However, Texas is a bit of a head scratcher. The program has been subpar for Texas standards for the past decade. If they’re going 8-4, 7-5 in the Big-12, what makes them think things are going to get better in a much more difficult conference?

Of course, the schools can’t get in without a majority vote from the other SEC schools, and according to Bohls, both Texas A&M and Missouri are 100% against the idea.

Ironically enough, A&M and Missouri were both former Big-12 schools who joined the SEC in 2012.

Also, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has the ability to block Texas from being able to leave the Big-12 too.

Regardless, it appears that Texas and Oklahoma are really close to a deal, and we could be hearing a final verdict on the move very soon.

Stay tuned.

Either way, with Luke Combs’ “South On Ya” as the new theme song for SEC Football this year, there’s plenty to get hyped about.

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