Riley Green Debuts New Song, “Miles On Main,” During Episode Two Of The ‘Golden Saw Music Hall Series’

A man with a beard and a hat singing into a microphone

Riley Green is back with another killer season of the Golden Saw Music Hall series.

A couple weeks ago, he had his friend and frequent co-writer Jonathan Singleton on to kick off the second season.

This week, he had on two other friends Erik Dylan and Wyatt McCubbin. They were back at Riley’s great-grandparents house-turned-music hall in Jacksonville, Alabama, to play all sorts of acoustic songs they wrote both together, and a few of their own, as well.

One of the best parts of this episode was that we finally got to hear Riley’s song “Miles On Main” in its entirety. A few months back, he debuted a small clip of it on Instagram, but tonight, he and Erik played the whole thing together acoustically.

He said Erik called him one day a while back with the song title and he immediately fell in love with the whole idea:

“I’ve only played this song a time or two, I think. I like it. Erik, I think you kinda called me or FaceTimed me with this title.

And I fell in love with the idea of it. Fortunately, Erik is really good at knowing how to give me ideas that I would, A, like, and B, can just change a few things and call it my own.

That’s kinda what he did with this one. Killer song, and will you help me out with it a little bit? It’s called ‘Miles On Main.'”

I was hoping this would be one of the ones he included on his recent Behind The Bar project, because I immediately fell in love with just the short video I saw of him playing it at his house back in March.

As is pretty typical for him, it’s jam-packed with nostalgia and reverence for where he grew up and the way he was raised:

“We were puttin’ miles on main
Sweatin’ in the heat for a couple bucks 
To buy beer and gasoline
To put some miles on main
Back then we was all aboit gettin’ out
But now I’d give anything
To put a couple miles on main”

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock