Riley Green Is Back With Another Preview Of A Brand New Song, “Miles On Main”

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It’s getting pretty hard to keep up with all the unreleased tunes Riley Green has been cranking out.

And while it’s been a long-ass year, I’m pretty confident that plenty of artists spent it writing new songs, and are ready to hit the ground running in 2021 as life slowly gets back to normal. Riley Green is definitely one of those artists.

It’s been about a month since his last unreleased preview, “Known Any Better,” but today, we’re back with another brand new one titled, “Miles On Main.”

A nostalgic tune about missing the good ol’ days in your hometown, and how back then, you couldn’t wait to leave. But these days, you find yourself just wishing you could go back to those simpler times.

Here’s a look at the chorus:

“We were puttin’ miles on Main…
Sweating in the heat for a couple of bucks to buy beer and gasoline
So we could put, miles on Main…
Back then we was all about gettin’ out, but now I’d give anything
For a couple miles on Main.”


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock