Get Into The Olympic Spirit With The 7 Best Summer Drinking Games

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The Olympics are finally here, and as many of us sit down in front of the TV to root for all of our athletes to bring back a ton of gold medals, we’re gaining a little sense of competition.

Of course, since 99.99% of us are not elite athletes, or athletes at all really… (yes, even all you home town legends that still think you would’ve gone pro if you wouldn’t have messed up your knee in 4th quarter of the State Championship game when you were 16), so we have to satiate our competitive hunger in other ways.

Some good ol’ fashioned drinking games.

Let’s take a look at the seven most fun summer drinking games to get you in the Olympic spirit.

7. Corn Hole Drinking Style

I’m not sure what creative genius came up with this idea, but I think they deserve a big pat on the back and a 24-pack of cheap beer.

While corn hole, or “bags” as some of you weirdos like to call it, has been around for forever, (like I’m pretty sure my parents played it in college forever) this new spin is both a simple and genius invention.

Instructions Here

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6. Slip & Flip

Flip cup is one of the most competitive drinking games around, simply because the amount of people it takes to really get that thing going. If you can get 10-20 friends, it can get insanely awesome in a hurry.

Throw a little slip and slide relay race action into the mix and you have the makings for the ultimate summer party game.

Instructions Here

5. Shot Jenga

Quickly becoming a favorite for backyard drinking or at breweries, outdoor Jenga sets, which can come at almost human sized heights, are about to become a fan favorite for a whole new reason.

Instructions Here

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4. Beersbee

AKA “Polish Horeshoes.”

Beersbee is a combination of frisbee and horseshoes, except there’s a twist.

A great twist. The kind of twist that gets your really drunk.

Instructions Here

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3. Beer Darts

Hands down, this game is my absolute favorite.

It’s just like darts, but imagine you sit behind the dart board and let you drunk friends throw darts at a target near your feet. It’s easily the dumbest one you can play, but definitely the most fun.

Have the Band-Aids ready just in case…

Instructions Here

2. Stump

STUMP: The drinking game you should’ve been playing your entire life.

It’s my all time favorite drinking game and with good reason. Basically, you get to hammer the shit out of a log while drinking beer. Couldn’t get any better.

Instructions Here

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1. Rope Swing Pong

An amazing summertime spin on the most classic of all drinking games, all you need is a few pool floats and that rope swing that you already have out at the lake and you’re good to go.

Granted, you’re going to need a lake (or a really, really big pool), but the rest is pretty easy.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock