Beer Darts: The Day Drinking Game You Should’ve Been Playing Yesterday

A blue bucket with a green bow

Summer is right around the corner, the year’s best day drinking months are in view, and some of you are still sleeping on one of the best day drinking games ever created…

Beer darts.

No question, this game is an absolute blast.

It’s just like darts, but imagine you sit behind the dart board and let you drunk friends throw darts at a target near your feet. It might be the dumbest one you can play, possibly one of the most dangerous, but definitely the most fun.

Have the Band-Aids ready just in case…

Here’s what to do:

1. All players must be seated or standing with at least one can of unopened beer directly in front of them.

2. There must be at least two players.

3. Each player takes turns throwing the darts at another’s can.

4. If a dart hits your can but does not puncture it, you must have a sip of beer.

5. If a dart punctures your can you must drink beer to at least the hole (3 holes and you slam the remainder and lose).

6. Alternate rule: If a dart punctures the top of your can you must shotgun the beer.

7. If a can is tipped over but not punctured, you also must have a sip of beer.

8. If a body part is punctured, the thrower must drink.

9. Incoming darts may be blocked by a hand or leg; however this is at the blockers’ risk (thrower doesn’t drink if block attempt is made).

10. If hit by a dart, you may not retaliate (for obvious reasons).

11. After scoring a kill shot on a beer, the shooter and “shootee” change places.

Warning: Getting hit with a darts hurts… A LOT.

Just pay attention and you will live to drink another one.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock